What is Afrikers?

Afrikers is an online social networking platform for African communities, we give voice to Africans around the world while enabling keeping abreast of trending topics and news across Africa.

What do i need to use Afrikers?

All you need to use Afrikers is an internet enabled device and an internet connection. Once connected, visit https://afrikers.com to explore Afrikers network.

What's a Tweet on Afrikers?

A Tweet on Afrikers is any message posted to Afrikers network which may contain photos, audio, videos, links, or text.

What's a Retweet on Afrikers?

A Retweet is a Tweet you forward to your followers by reposting the orginal message to your timeline through the retweet button.

Can I edit a Tweet once I've posted it?

Yes, you can edit a tweet on Afrikers only once after which the feature won't be available for the tweet again.

Can I edit a Tweet once I've posted it?

Yes, you can edit a tweet on Afrikers only once after which the feature won't be available for the tweet again.

How do i customize my view on Afrikers?

To manage your color scheme and background colour via Afrikers.com, click on More then select Display settings from the menu. Choose your preferred color scheme and background colour

Who can read my updates on Afrikers?

If your profile is public, anyone can read your update and anyone who runs a search for a keyword in your Tweet may be able to see tweets. Your Tweets are public by default; if you're hesitant to have people you may not know read your updates, protect your Tweets to approve followers from your profile settings to keep your updates out of search.

What does it mean to follow someone on Afrikers?

Following someone means you've chosen to subscribe to their Afrikers updates. When you follow someone, every time they post a new tweet, it will appear on your Afrikers timeline.

How do I find people to follow on Afrikers?

When you create an account, we suggest users you can follow. You can also search for people by name or username, or invite friends via your affialiate link at https://afrikers.com/affiliates and earn money.

What are tweet replies?

A tweet reply on Afrikers is a response to another person’s tweet. Click or tap the reply icon on another person's Tweet to reply to it. Please note that if your Tweets are protected, people who are not following you will not see your replies or mentions.

What is the difference between a reply and a Direct Message on Afrikers?

A reply is a public message sent regardless of follow-ship. Anyone can view it (if your tweets are public). A Direct Message is a private message, and can only be seen by the sender and intended recipients.

Why was my account suspended?

Accounts are suspended for Terms or policy violations or spam investigation.

How do I report spam?

To report an account spamming, click on ... then "Report abuse" link on the account. To report a spam tweet, click on ... then "Report post" link on the tweet. We encourage you to always block and report any spammers and abusers you find on Afrikers.